Cli Wallet and the Connectivity

CLI Client and Wallet


LocalCoin Architecture

The Nodes are connected to the network and verify all transactions and block produces. The cli_wallet does not offer P2P or blockchain capabilities.

Launching the cli_wallet requires a trusted Full Node to interact with the blockchain. You might use a localhost or own node to connect. Also, you can select one of LocalCoin Public Full Nodes, or use API Server that runs by _businesses_ or _individuals_.

When you start the cli_wallet first time, it creates a local wallet.json file that contains the encrypted private keys. The key is required to access the funds and add new data to the blockchain with a signature from a private key.

Example: wallet.json

        "chain_id": "4018d7844c78f6a6c41c6a552b898022310fc5dec06da4222222",
        "my_accounts": [],
        "cipher_keys": "4144454a976266ed15f736df4f5645e60bace86eb87cb5b59b0c8f48b75c6131167807c403a56060528b7dae993de667736d5ab9ef1f60fb340c4aa70437ec7a2534bbdab051b9d2d1871111111",
        "extra_keys": [],
        "pending_account_registrations": [],
        "pending_witness_registrations": [],
        "labeled_keys": [],
        "blind_receipts": [],
        "ws_server": "ws://localhost:8090",
        "ws_user": "",
        "ws_password": ""