We offer the Open Public Testnets that has been deployed and is fully functional for anyone to use and is shared among developers. The Open Public Testnets is a great space to start learning about LocalCoin-Core and LocalCoin-UI wallet. You can find all the relevant information about the public network in the next section.

Deploy Testnets

In this section, we mainly describe how to deploy public or private testnets network. The Private testnets could be used by every developer to implement at home to benefit from extra low latency and additional superpowers over the system.

Other References


This tool allows you to check LocalCoin blockchain detailed health. You can observe the LocalCoin blockchain operations/transactions, maeket volumes, assets, and fees. Also you can search “block”, “Account”, “Object”, “Asset”, and Transaction by the ID.


In the Testnet explorer, you may not find many activities. If you want to see the currest activities, pleaser check the Mainnet Explorer.

The below API tools allow you to try LocalCoin APIs. You can set a value and click [Try it out!], then you will get a return. The return include a used Curl path format, Requested URL, and Response Body. Those information are very valuable to learn LocalCoin.

  • APIs - the Teatnet Explorer uses to query the Testnet

On this page, we introduced a tool for the Testnet. We have the same tool for the Mainnet of LocalCoin blockchain.